Movement for Fridays

The following exercises to be completed as one full set with a 60 sec rest at the end of each set.

So get through all the exercises and resps prescribed for those exercises as quickly as you can as a circuit. To challenge yourself, time how long each set takes and record your quickest set. Next session try to beat that set time.

Gratitude for Fridays

This is for you to write in your journal 2 things that made you smile today.

If you can’t reflect on anything that made you smile, write down 2 parts of the day that were your most favorite.

Breathing for Fridays

This is for you to try Wim Hof breathing.

The Wim Hof Method combines breathing and meditation to help you connect more deeply to your body.

To practise this technique you are required to do 20 deep breaths inhaling from either the mouth or nose as deep as you can and on each exhale relaxing it out. After you have completed 20 in total, on your last exhale pause and hold for as long as you can. You can get a timer and time that hold and try to beat it each time. Once you feel like you can’t hold any longer, inhale in and hold for 15 seconds. Straight after that do another round the exact way. You can completed 3-4 rounds with each week trying to better you hold time.