Kinship for Wednesdays

This day is for reaching out to family and getting together, or calling them and having a conversation, so this can be on the phone or in person.

Connection to family is a very important aspect to feeling more connected to yourself. For thousands of years we have relied on the concept of having family close by to accomplish all that is needed in our day to day lives.

Breathing for Wednesdays

This is for you to find a space outside somewhere that you feel comfortable.

Find a seat or sit on the ground. Start by taking in some deep diaphragmatic breaths and do so for 2-3 minutes.
Once you have relaxed into the breathing, please take notice of 3 things that you can see around you. When you look at these objects, I want you to really take notice of the textures, colors and patterns they possess. Then after that I want you to hear 2 different sounds with the intention of noticing the noises they are making. And finally, I want you to try and smell 1 thing and take in its aromas.

This will make you more present and will place you in a more meditative state.