Movement for Fridays

The following exercises to be completed as one full set with a 60 sec rest at the end of each set.

So get through all the exercises and resps prescribed for those exercises as quickly as you can as a circuit. To challenge yourself, time how long each set takes and record your quickest set. Next session try to beat that set time.

Gratitude for Fridays

This is for you to write in your journal 3 things that you are grateful for this week.

Look back at the week and think about all the things that made you smile. Practising gratitude helps you scan the world for positives.

Breathing for Fridays

Stand or sit in a relaxed upright position.

Then take quick inhales and exhales through the nose to pump out the stomach muscles. Your stomach rises when you inhale. This breathing technique is much like a dog smelling something. Start slowly and build the speed of your inhale/ exhale as more time goes on. It is a good idea to blow your nose before attempting this practise. Start by trying to get to 50 inhales/ exhales, then work towards getting over 100.